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Alberta Labour Building


Security & Life Safety

The intent of our security strategy is to provide a safe environment for our tenants and visitors. In ensuring a safe environment for all, our on-site CCTV camera system will be monitored 24/7, ready to dispatch help at any time. A second layer of safety is offered through our after-hours security patrols. The combination of technology and industry trained security personnel will continue to help aid in keeping the Labour Building a safe and secure workplace.

Key Contacts:

A collective effort in ensuring a safe and secure workplace can be achieved through these safety tips

  • Do not hesitate to contact QuadReal staff if you have encountered suspicious activity
  • Please do not keep valuables/personal belongings accessible in common areas or unattended at any time
  • When parking, be aware of your surroundings, lock all valuables in your vehicle’s trunk and keep your vehicle doors locked and windows closed.
  • Watch for “piggy backing,” when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into a restricted or locked space, such as an office or building entry. It is not impolite to ensure safety/access protocols are followed, but rather within sound judgment to promote safety for everyone.