The protection and preservation of our environment and community is a core value at Labour Building. We are proud to bring you our corporate responsibility platform that serves to improve the environmental and social performance of our buildings. 

We Care Too!

As part of our sustainability engagement program for tenants, We Care Too is the 2021 campaign theme. We Care Too is about connecting the caring actions of our tenants and residents to the caring actions at QuadReal. It acknowledges the daily efforts of our stakeholders to enhance the natural and built environment. In short, we want to help our tenants reach their sustainability goals while we achieve ours. 


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2021 Campaign Elements

The Labour Building management team honor Our Sustainability Commitment with active involvement in QuadReal’s engagement campaign: “We Care Too".  

This year's campaign is composed of six themes covering a range of sustainability topics.  The themes include a greater emphasis on community, health and wellness given the changes experienced by individuals and communities due to the pandemic. We Care Too, therefore, responds to our tenants' and residents' priorities. 

For each theme, the posters and videos are designed to catch people's attention, familiarize tenants with sustainability in our building and provide an opportunity for engagement. More information about this program is available here:

2021 Campaign Elements